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All our wiring harnesses are tested using our Cirris automated test machine.

Our in-house Cirris automated test machine is a next-generation, industry leading piece of equipment we rely on for our strict quality compliance. We have 1,920 test points, allowing us to test full F1 chassis harnesses down to a single battery cable. The Cirris allows us to test low voltage continuity which ensures that the wiring harness circuit in serial number 001 is the same as serial number 1,000 etc. It will also test at high voltage (up to 1500V) and carry out an insulation resistance test and a dielectric withstand test. This helps the inspector to ensure that the wiring harness is built to the best standards and will be as reliable as possible.

Quality Control

We also carry out yearly services for some of our customers which allow us to compare the tests against when the harness was originally manufactured and advise if any crimps are becoming worn etc.  As a testament to our quality standards the wiring harnesses supplied to Gibson Technology for their award wining LMP2 Engines have now gone through servicing to run in their third seasons.

When we manufacture complete electrical systems to HCI design, we will always carry out a full bench test to ensure everything is working together before functional testing on the vehicle itself.

It is the aim of HCI Systems Limited to fully meet our customer expectations by providing products and services on time, within specification, to the relevant standards as required by the customer and to ensure we conform to ISO9001:2015. In addition, we are committed to fulfilling all statutory and regulatory requirements and to the continual improvement of our quality management system.

To meet these objectives we will ensure:

  • Our processes and procedures are continually improved to maximise efficiency, minimise cost, reduce wastage and prevent customer rejects or complaints.
  • Quality, delivery, cost and efficiency are promoted, monitored and controlled, to improve customer satisfaction and company performance.
  • Our employees are continually assessed and fully trained to understand and meet the changing needs and expectations of our market and customers.
  • The most suitable materials, resources and suppliers are used in the provision of products and services.
  • Good communications are maintained internally within the company and externally with customers and suppliers to ensure the customers requirements are properly understood and met.
  • The highest health, safety and environmental standards are maintained.

This policy will be communicated throughout the organisation and to all interested parties. It will be reviewed periodically to ensure the continuing success of HCI Systems Limited.

Quality control for vehicle electrical systems and wiring

HCI offer full design, specification and complete project management of vehicle electrical systems design. With our in-house manufacturing service, HCI provide a complete turn-key solution for large scale prototyping projects through to one-off vehicle systems and fit.

Quality assurance is ensured through comprehensive testing throughout all stages of manufacture and installation.

HCI Quality Control

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